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Photo Credits:  Larry Ferguson © 2010
Finished in 1984

by: Les Bruning
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: 32' x 8' x 12'


Stanley J. How & Assoc., 101 South 108th, entrance
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Abstract-geometric. Tall thin plum-colored sculpture which appears to pierce its pyramidal base

Additional Information

This piece was commissioned to specifically compliment the building behind it. Since building is composed of many triangles and above the first floor the sides are all mirrored, the pyramid of the piece marks the entry into the building and is clad with travertine marble, which is the same stone that covers the first floor of the building. As it projects upward, it visually multiplies since it is always reflected on the sides of the building. The act of moving around the sculpture to get to the door and the changing views on the building as one approaches the door make this sculpture have a life.