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Photo Credits:  Paulissa Kipp © 2012
Photo Credits:  Paulissa Kipp © 2012
Finished in 2012

by: Maggie Weber; Nicholas Clark
Medium: Mural, Acrylic, Aerosol


4556 Leavenworth St
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colorful mural with face

Additional Information

The Leavenworth Bar mural was a collaboration of Maggie Weber and Nicholas Clark. Maggie has worked on multiple murals in the past, and saw LB's large white wall as a perfect canvas to display new work. The design they created was formed from different drawings and added input from other artist friends. They then gridded out the bricks of the wall and measured our design to match. They borrowed ladders from the bar, and only had one that barely reached the top of the wall so they had to come in at separate times when they got closer to finishing the mural. The artists used mostly Blickrylic, Golden, and latex house paint. They say that hardest part about this mural was that they both had so many ideas.