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Dundee Community Garden Entrance

Photo Credits:  Jo Bartikoski © 2014
Finished in 08/01/2014

by: Dan Newberry
Dimensions: 6 ft. wide opening, 10 ft. high crossbeam, 12 ft. total height, stone wings for seating span 10 ft. from center of openi


Northwest corner of 49th Street and Underwood Avenue.


Community Garden Entranceway complimenting the style & culture of the historic Dundee neighborhood.

Additional Information

The artist has created a whimsical, yet substantial permanent entranceway for Dundee Community Garden. Dan Newberry captures the architectural styles and here-to-stay culture of one of Omaha’s premier neighborhoods. An elegant entrance to both the Garden and Merchant District, this stunning edifice makes a wordless statement inviting ALL to join in.