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Ex-POW Monument

Photo Credits:  Larry Ferguson © 2011
Finished in 2009

by: Carl Weiss
Medium: Granite
Dimensions: 60" x 48" x 36"
Owner: City of Omaha


Memorial Park, 60th & Underwood Avenue
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Granite memorial

Additional Information

The Monument is dedicated to the men and women who served their country with great pride and had the misfortune to be prisoners of war. The Monument is made of black granite with a rough cut back and polished front. The black granite represents the black ribbon flanked by red, white and blue from which the ex-POW’s medal hangs. The rough cut represents the harshness and despair the POW’s were subject to in captivity. The polished front has an explanation of the monument. At the top of the polished front is a cast bronze replica of the medal awarded to the ex-POW. Below are the 5 branches of the service, cast in aluminum.