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Bahr Vermeer Haecker

Mediums: No specialty noted.

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BVH Architects 1425 Jones Street, Omaha, NE 68102 (402) 345-3060

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Untitled No. 8 , 2010

by Bahr Vermeer Haecker


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown, Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, lower level near the water, Douglas side of the Mall, 14-13th Streets

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Sponsored by BVH Architects, Paxton & Vierling Steel Company and Boyd Jones Construction. The concept for this bench design comes from a desire to combine technology and art. Plate steel is a durable material, and with the process of computer laser-cutting, it can be cut into any shape and inscribed with any pattern or image. Inspired by a simple cardboard box, a single piece of steel is laser cut to the desired shape and then bent into a seat with a backrest. Alone, this seat is not big enough for a single person. However, when copied and displaced several times, the combined pieces become a seating surface for multiple persons. Two sections of the bench are raised to become an armrest and to deter potential skateboarders. The ‘tree’ image began as a desire to create a logo for Gene Leahy Mall. Practically, the cut pattern will allow water to drain from the horizontal surface of the seat. Aesthetically, it will allow sunlight to create unique shadows on the ground, to evoke images of the natural foliage patterning of trees. The design of the pattern was influenced by wood block carving techniques used in printmaking, a process of creating a picture with highlights and shadows by carving out from a flat surface

Showing all 1 records.