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Robert McKenzie

1867 - 1938

McKenzie used sculpture to illustrate points before his classes in anatomy. He continued it in the course of his physical education to teach his students and athletes how, for example, to crouch for the sprint or plunge, how to hold the discus, or how to take the hurdles. It became increasingly apparent that his figures had a beauty as well as utility. For years he was a participant and exhibitor in the competition of fine arts at the Olympic games. For the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm he designed his famous plaque of three hurdlers known as the Joy of Effort of which the original is set into the wall of the Stockholm stadium and for which he received the King's Medal from the King of Sweden. There is a freshness, vitality and spirit in all of his works that make them come alive. McKenzie was convinced that through art, one could portray ideals of physical development. His works were anatomically accurate, comparing favorably with the art of ancient Greece. He is considered by some to be greater than the Greeks in that he was able, while keeping the brilliance and beauty of his figures, to endow them with the essence of motion. His athletic figures are beautiful and because they are correct in every detail of construction, appear to be alive. Before World War I, he was recognized as the greatest sculptor of athletic youth. After the war, his war memorials brought forth his most magnificent contributions to mankind. Dr. McKenzie's work is world-renowned, and examples of is work may be found at the University of Pennsylvania; Red Cross Building, Washington, D.C.; Girard College War Memorial, Philadelphia; Woodbury, New Jersey; Cambridge, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Ottawa, Canada; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and many of them at Almonte, Ontario.

Mediums: No specialty noted.

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Ideal Scout , 2010

by Robert McKenzie


Mediums: Bronze

Location: West; Boy Scout Building 12401 West Maple Road located at entrance

Owner: Boy Scouts of America

Additional Information: This statue is a memorial to mark the second anniversary of the deaths of four Boy Scouts who were killed when an EF-3 tornado tore through their campsite in the Little Sioux Scout Camp. The statue faces north, the direction of the Camp. The statue, a model designed by former Scout Tait McKenzie in 1915, became the 32nd such statue erected worldwide to honor past and current Boy Scouts for values of service, preparedness, bravery and more

Showing all 1 records.