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Kimberly Glass

Kimberly Glass is a self-taught painter living in Omaha. Her recent works are abstractions incorporating a wide variety of imagery, from neon landscapes and cartoon figures to constructions based on both organic and geometric forms. Much of the metaphor in her personal poetry is inspired by her experiences of place, phenomena, and glory in nature. Her artistic inclinations have influence in her early joys of intimacy with nature and landscape as a child in Northern California.

Mediums: No specialty noted.

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Passing By , May 2012

by Kimberly Glass


Mediums: Mural, Mixed Media

Location: Downtown; Grain Silo 3417 Vinton St. Omaha NE

Owner: Emerging Terrain

Series: Stored Potential Two

Additional Information: “Passing By,” the banner submission by Omaha artist Kimberly Glass, uses latitude and longitude interwoven with dynamic horizontal lines; the former marks the particular point on the Earth’s surface where the grain elevator structure sits, and the lines imply the speed and movement past the structure that defines our interaction with it. “Passing By” references our city’s infrastructure and growth, and how we inhabitants and builders of place gather miles of progress under ourselves. As we “pass by” we are reminded that we are built upon Nebraska’s own history and identity rooted in its rich soil.

Showing all 1 records.