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Andersen, Emily
Bio: Emily Andersen is a partner at DeOld Andersen Architecture (DAA), an architecture and design practice in Brooklyn, NY and Omaha, NE. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and relocated to New York City in September of 2001. Prior to forming DAA, she was an Associate at Slade Architecture in New York City, and involved in a large variety of public and commercial projects. Emily formed DAA with partner Geoff DeOld after collaborating on several projects addressing the suburban landscape and the role architecture and design might play in an otherwise generic environment. The firm is currently engaged in several projects including offices for a media company, concept design for a bakery, and two streetscape / urban design projects in the Bedford Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn.
Art Pieces: Aerial Production, Design Speed Minimum Radii

Ayala, Carlos
Bio: Originally a self-taught artist, having painted for many years and made a serious study of the media and techniques of Caravaggio and Titian. Educated in Mexico, Spain and the United States, he entered the Roman Catholic seminary system, completing studies for the priesthood. After leaving the seminary, before ordination, he received the International Scholarship from the Graduate Painting Department of Savannah College of Art and Design where he continued to refine his techniques.
Art Pieces: Jesus and The Children

Balcom, Jake
Bio: Jake Balcom has been creating metal art through his shop Mettle Design for the past 11 years. Relying on his passion for organic forms found in nature, Jake combines old world techniques, new age technology, and metal’s natural malleability to create unique site specific pieces. An underlying principle behind most of Jake’s work is the interaction of the art with its surrounding environment including the people viewing it. He prefers to view his art as something that should be touched and physically interacted with during the course of everyday life and he uses fluid, organic forms, layers, and textures to entice people to come closer and interact with the work. As a result, most of Jake’s work ends up as furniture, lighting, railings, and outdoor sculpture.
Art Pieces: Ascension, Stile di Famiglia (Family Style)

Bellows, Kent
Bio: Kent Bellows has been recognized as one of America’s greatest masters of Realism since first exhibiting in New York in 1985. The Nebraska-born artist, whose father was a commercial artist and watercolorist, began his career as a free-lance science fiction illustrator in the late 1970s for publications such as Omni and Rolling Stone. He moved into commissioned portraiture and then figurative realism by the early 1980s, reaching national acclaim when he was discovered by the New York art market through Tatistcheff Gallery and then later Forum Gallery in New York. Bellows’ drawings and paintings have been included in exhibitions at the Huntsville Museum of Art, Florida International University, the National Academy of Design, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, the Arkansas Arts Center, the University of Missouri, and art galleries from New York to California. His work has been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Arkansas Arts Center, Joslyn Art Museum, and by the collections of Glenn C. Janss, Jalane and Richard Davidson, Rita Rich, and Richard D. Segal (Seavest Collection).
Art Pieces: None

Benton, Fletcher
Bio: Fletcher Benton is well-known for his geometric metal sculptures. His sculpture often defies gravity with welded shapes perched seemingly precariously atop each other. His choice of materials reflects his concern with the unique color, tonality and rich luster inherent in metals. The simplicity of each shape abstractly reveal forms of nature, geometry and human activity. Fletcher Benton lives and works in San Francisco, California.
Art Pieces: Steel Watercolor Blue Arc, The Letter Q

Boller, Bud
Bio: Bud Boller strives for realism in each of his sculptures. In the art world, he is known for his attention to detail and the historical and anatomical accuracy of his subjects. Bud is an enrolled member of the Shoshone Tribe and lives and creates his works of fine art within the Wind River Indian reservation. His Bronzes often reflect the teachings of his youth; honor of elders, pride of one's ancestry and respect for life.
Art Pieces: Jesus and The Children

Box, Kevin
Bio: Kevin Box was born in 1977 and grew up beneath "the tree that escaped the crowded forest," referring to Frank Lloyd Wright's only skyscraper in Bartlesville, OK. There he developed an early passion for creativity and realizing his visions through art. Aesthetically, Box did not fall very far from Mr. Wright's tree. In 1993, with a growing interest in design and printmaking, Box apprenticed in his Uncle's graphic design firm in Atlanta gaining valuable experience in digital graphics and marketing. Refocusing his energy on fine art, Box spent three years studying Art and Art History at the School of Visual Arts in Savannah. In 1999, he received his BFA at their prestigious New York campus. That same year, Box began his career in a bronze foundry, and he found that bronze spoke his artistic language and it became his medium of choice. Over the next seven years, he labored under a self-imposed apprenticeship to become proficient in bronze casting. By working within the industry for sculptors and foundries, he attained an exhaustive knowledge of the casting techniques and fabricating processes necessary to create monumental works of art. Eventually his interest and initiative helped build one of the largest fine art foundries in Texas, just outside of Austin, in Bastrop. Box took every opportunity within this context to develop his own work. Box's exceptional intelligence, talent, initiative and personality gave him early success, and he was able to support himself as a sculptor. By 2004 he was placing his work in numerous public and private collections throughout the country. Also in 04, he was elected the youngest member of the National Sculptors Guild. In September of 2005 Box was also recognized by Southwest Art Magazine as one of the top 21 artists under 31 in the Southwest. He currently lives and works in Santa Fe with his wife, Jennifer. Knowledge of process, combined with a vision for innovation defines the style and sensibility of Box's work as he works to establish a place within contemporary art history.
Art Pieces: Rock Paper Scissors

Boye, Dan

Art Pieces: Axle

Brown, Dwayne
Bio: Studio 360 Architecture
Art Pieces: Serenity

Buis, Eddith

Art Pieces: Untitled

Byars, Ashley
Bio: Ashley Byars is an architectural designer at Min|Day Architects and 2010 graduate from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Masters of Architecture degree.
Art Pieces: A Friendly Reminder

Cal, Santiago

Art Pieces: Eclipse

Carlson, Jeremy
Bio: Studio 360 Architecture
Art Pieces: Serenity

Carpenter, Bruce
Bio: HDR Architects
Art Pieces: Stacked Stone

Carpenter, James
Bio: James Carpenter is an artist and sculptor with a strong background in developing new and emerging glass and material technologies. His interest in architecture began at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received a BFA in sculpture in 1972. He formed James Carpenter Design Associates in 1978 after completing an extended consultancy with the Corning Glass Works. His interest in architecture and structure has evolved into a unique design practice which ranges from technical glass and materials consulting to curtain walls, roofing systems, bridges, and sculptures.
Art Pieces: Hope

Castro, Adelina
Bio: Adelina Castro, born in Mexico City, and Bill Watson, born in Denver, met while attending architecture school at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation and a short time working in Madrid, they settled in New York City where they have worked for internationally recognized architecture firms including Smith-Miller + Hawkinson, NBBJ and Gluckman Mayner Architects. In 2006, Adelina and Bill established Castro Watson to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to big picture problem solving. The office has realized a wide range of projects from speculative research to architectural, furniture and product design.
Art Pieces: Speak Up For Small Farms

Clark, M. Brady
Bio: M.Brady Clark is no stranger to Omaha with his graphics work for Saddle Creek’s band Cursive. He currently resides in Austin, TX.
Art Pieces: Bacon

Classe, Jim
Bio: AIA of Prochaska & Associates
Art Pieces: crO!ak

Collaboration, MAKE
Bio: MAKE Collaboration works with a philosophy of bringing to fruition the moments of insight that cause the mind to begin to tick. One of their operating priorities is to always function as a whole; “We are not a firm, we are a collaboration.” This sets up an opportunity to break the conventional hierarchy commonly associated with design agendas.
Art Pieces: Food Miles

Cullar, Warren
Bio: Warren Cullar opened his first gallery as a senior in college, receiving a BFA in 1965. His experience in gallery sales was a quote: “ people will not walk down an alley to buy art… .location, location, location.’’ He joined a staff of six artists in a commercial ad agency and as he says: “I learned more in that year than 5 years in college’’. A bigger job was offered to him and he spent a brief career as an advertising director in a large department store. A move out of country to Mexico to study art at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico was a major influence. The art and color of Mexico is evident throughout the art he has produced during his career. Within a couple of years and an MFA degree under his belt, he received a teaching contract from Hardin Simmons University and later opened the art department at Western Texas College acquiring 8 years as a college art instructor. A decision was made after returning from a study grant to Egypt that he had received from the college to become a full time artist. In 1976 he moved to the Austin area and opened his 2nd art gallery, 5 years later he moved into the Austin home he has occupied for 25 years. Warren started his art career by selling his hand pulled stone lithographs and watercolors even getting an 11 page article about his art in the December 1978 issue of Southwest Art Magazine. He admits that in those days he was not interested in awards or galleries and chose to be a producing artist and sold his art in many different formats. During this time he found his way as an adventure artist with scientific expeditions to Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, and Easter Island to name a few of the 36 countries stamped in his passport.
Art Pieces: Rock Paper Scissors

Dahlquist, David
Bio: David Dahlquist is a nationally-recognized public artist and teacher. His commissions for private, public, and institutional clients range from tilework and sculpture to major architectural installations. Since 1988, he has completed more than 50 large-scale public commissions across the country. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Art with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, New York. In 1983 he became the Artist-in-Residence at the Des Moines Art Center. David also served as an Assistant Professor in the Art and Design Department at ISU from 1987 to 1993. In 1994, David established Dahlquist Clayworks, Inc., which became a part of RDG Planning & Design in 2004, of which he is now a Partner. He leads RDG Dahlquist Art Studio, a comprehensive design and fabrication studio with a staff of eight professional artists. David also works collaboratively with many different artists and has been a consultant on numerous multidisciplinary design teams. His contributions have influenced the site selection, planning, programming, and content of many projects. These projects are fabricated by RDG Dahlquist Art Studio and an extensive network of other skilled subcontractors. David and the RDG Dahlquist Art Studio have completed several new installations for the Art-in-Transit program of the Iowa Department of Transportation and are currently working on two new rest areas for the Missouri Department of Transportation, integrating site-specific history and context-sensitive design within the new facilities. David is a storyteller whose work is about creating meaningful experiences for the public. Dahlquist’s work depends upon many different elements, “orchestrated” in a way that the public is welcomed into and moved by the experience. Recently, David received the 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education Alumni Award, the highest honor bestowed upon an alumnus. It recognizes an exemplary record of professional leadership and a career of extraordinary accomplishment. This award equally recognized David for his career-long support of developing artists, university and community initiatives, and art education.
Art Pieces: Tree of Life

Day, Mary
Bio: Mary Day is a multi-media artist living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. She received her BA in Art History and Photography and an MFA in Painting from Florida State University. She currently has a solo exhibit at the Kimmel Nelson Harding Center for the Arts in Nebraska City. She is a recipient of a 2010 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Nebraska Arts Council. Recent exhibitions include a solo show in 2010 at the Fred Simon Gallery and inclusion in the 2009 Jackson Artworks Mark Makers Invitational. Her work is included in several public and private collections including the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery (Lincoln, NE), Pillsbury Company (St. Paul, MN) and Metropolitan Community College in Omaha.
Art Pieces: Corn Cob

Delnero, Ken

Art Pieces: None

DeOld, Geoff
Bio: Geoff DeOld is a partner at DeOld Andersen Architecture (DAA), an architecture and design practice in Brooklyn, NY. He received his Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and located to New York City in September of 2001. Prior to forming DAA with partner Emily Andersen, he was an Associate Principal at STUDIOS architecture in New York City where he contributed to several notable and award winning projects. Geoff formed DAA with Emily Andersen after collaborating together on several projects addressing the suburban landscape and the role architecture and design might play in an otherwise generic environment. The firm is currently engaged in several projects including showrooms and offices for a fashion company in the Fashion District, and two streetscape / urban design projects in the Bedford Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn.
Art Pieces: Aerial Production, Omaha Underground

DeRoin, Bill
Bio: Bill DeRoin, works for HDR Architecture in Omaha, and also earned a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2007.
Art Pieces: A Friendly Reminder

Farley, Matthew
Bio: Matthew Farley’s career as an artist began when he started signing his name next to the pictures he drew on the wall of his childhood home in Wichita, KS. Growing up, he was exposed to the magnificent collection of outdoor sculpture at Wichita State University, where his mother taught. Eventually, Matthew found his way to Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS, where, again surrounded by a wealth of art, he received his Associates of Arts. Matthew went on to earn his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in sculpture from The University of Kansas in 2009 and is currently pursuing his interest in public art. Since graduating, Matthew was awarded the 2010 Connor Meigs Artistic Merit Award, which culminates this October with the opening of his first solo show at the ArtLoft located in the historic Florence Mill in Omaha.
Art Pieces: Oglala

Frasier, Bruce
Bio: Bruce Frasier Architects
Art Pieces: House3

Giron, Mike
Bio: Mike Girón was born in New Orleans, 1970. He has featured in solo and group exhibitions, created public artworks and even painted mardi gras parade floats. As a professor, he has influenced many artists, and has been curator of socially-conscious art exhibits. His chosen media include oil painting, murals, traditional and digital printmaking, and design. Mike currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with his wife and children.
Art Pieces: Start Lab AVANZA Mural, InsideOut Murals

Glass, Kimberly
Bio: Kimberly Glass is a self-taught painter living in Omaha. Her recent works are abstractions incorporating a wide variety of imagery, from neon landscapes and cartoon figures to constructions based on both organic and geometric forms. Much of the metaphor in her personal poetry is inspired by her experiences of place, phenomena, and glory in nature. Her artistic inclinations have influence in her early joys of intimacy with nature and landscape as a child in Northern California.
Art Pieces: Passing By

Godek, Michael
Bio: Michael T. Godek earned his BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics from Bellevue University in 1994. He currently has executed numerous commissions and his work resides in private and public collections in Nebraska. Michael has been a full-time artist for 12 years and works in his studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Recently he has enjoyed creating large-scale contemporary constructivist stainless steel pieces for two new outdoor malls in the Omaha area.
Art Pieces: Balametrix 2, Robart, Time Sails

Guthrie, Tim
Bio: Tim Guthrie is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker whose work is in collections throughout the country and has had solo exhibitions at numerous museums and galleries. Tim graduated with a BFA from Creighton in 1989 with an emphasis in painting and drawing and an MFA from the University of Idaho in 1997 with an emphasis in digital work, painting and sculpture. Tim has been awarded numerous artist residencies (Ørslev Kloster [Denmark], The Tyrone Guthrie Center [Ireland], New Pacific Studio [New Zealand], Blue Mountain Center [NY]), artist fellowships and grants (Nevada Arts Council, Sierra Arts Foundation, Nebraska Arts Council), and other awards, including purchase awards at the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art and at “Conflicts: The Cult of War and the Culture of Peace – AniMOweb,” Modena, Italy, for the short film “Recalling Trinity,” which was also included in the Hiroshima Animation Festival and the 5th Annual Athens International Animation Festival. He was also awarded Best New Media Artist by the Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards in 2008 as well as Individual Artist Fellowships (Nebraska Arts Council) in 2011, 2008, 2007 and 2006.
Art Pieces: A Molloscock's Inversion of Sky and Sea, Trainscape

Hamilton, Brian
Bio: Graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Master of Architecture degree in 2009, Brian is currently an intern architect at the Omaha office of RDG Planning & Design. In addition to his role at RDG, Brian actively seeks out opportunities to expand his design capacity beyond the realm of architecture. Brian’s work has been recognized in several national and international design competitions that span the design gamut, delving into categories that include hypothetical future city planning, product design, personal accessory design, and graphic design.
Art Pieces: Grey Matter

Hansen, Maria
Bio: Maria is an Omaha based artist who spent her college years studying astronomy, physics, and math. In graduate school she joined a biophysical research team. For her research, she helped develop a novel set of neuotracing dyes by measuring and evaluating diffusion rates. Working with these dyes, as she generated beautiful images of neural pathways, her desire to come back to art overwhelmed her. Since completing her master’s degree and thesis, she has worked as a full-time artist. Her artistic expressions are primarily manifested in oil painting and relief carving.
Art Pieces: Corn Rocket (Dream Big)

Harrison, Richard
Bio: Since receiving his Master of Fine Arts in Scene Design at North Carolina School of the Arts in 1989 Richard Harrison has worked many years in painting murals, designing scenery and teaching high school and college students how to design and paint. Richard Harrison has done mural work in Omaha, Chicago, Minneapolis, South Carolina, and Colorado. His work with the Thomas Melvin Painting Studio in Chicago included the A.T. &T. corporate headquarters and work for the Chicago Art Institute.
Art Pieces: Start Lab AVANZA Mural, InsideOut Murals

Harvey, Jim
Bio: Jim has been merging art with metal for many years. His art shows itself in residential and corporate design, including both practical and artistic application. He works with many designers, artist, and architects. In addition, Jim’s contributions to the philanthropic community are plentiful. This includes donations to a potpourri of charities, as well as the first “J. Doe“ project and the Summer Arts Festival. Jim was invited to, and participated in the Lauritzen Gardens exhibit.
Art Pieces: Doe Knows Baseball, Celebrating O, Unknown

Holland Basham
Bio: Holland Basham Architects
Art Pieces: Sinuous

Hornecker, Mac

Art Pieces: Pencil

Jensen, LeAnn
Bio: Raised on a century farm in Iowa, LeAnn left home to study graphic design and illustration. In 2003, she received an AA from The Creative Center in Omaha, Nebraska. LeAnn works primarily in digital art mediums, specifically vector art, a method of illustrating by creating shapes using mathematical points and paths instead of pixels. This allows the artwork to enlarge to any size without losing image quality, a very useful method for this large scale banner project. LeAnn suspects her penchant for a precise medium like vector illustration has much to do with her lifelong appreciation of geometry, symmetry, and the underlying chaotic order of the cosmos. Since 2006, LeAnn has been working professionally as an Art Director, as well as creating art for her own enjoyment. She is the current Art Director at Ink Tank Merch in Omaha, a subsidiary of Saddle Creek Records.
Art Pieces: Time Lapse of Transportation

Johnson, Drew
Bio: Think Tank Design Studio
Art Pieces: Vanishing Point

Jonson, Sondra
Bio: Sculptor Sondra L. Jonson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and studied at the Philadelphia College of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Centro de Estudios Hispanicos (in Madrid, Spain), and graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from Bryn Mawr College and the Frudakis Academy of Art. Now in her 21st year as a professional sculptor, Ms. Jonson has established her reputation as a master of human figure and portraiture. Her sculptures always display skillful craftsmanship while looking deeply into the human story. She has competed and placed in national and international competitions, including the Oklahoma City Memorial Competition, and has sold Bronzes to collectors across the United States and in Europe.
Art Pieces: Mary, Handmaid of the Lord

Joyner, Tinca
Bio: When entrant identities were revealed at the end of the jury day, we discovered that Tinca is daughter of Omaha singer-songwriter Simon Joyner, considered by some as the forefather of the Omaha music scene. She was 10 years old when she submitted her piece of the Emerging Terrain project.
Art Pieces: 80 Feet of Tomatoes

Kalk, Bethany
Bio: Bethany was born in Canada and raised in Papua New Guinea where she was home-schooled in the Sepik region and later attended boarding school in the Highlands. Residencies take her to different landscapes of the U.S. She currently lives and teaches art & design at the edge of the Appalachia in the Daniel Boone National Forest area of Eastern KY.
Art Pieces: Ant Trails, Union Mural, , It Takes a Village

Kelly, Andrea

Art Pieces: b3nch

Kelly, Brian
Bio: Brian M. Kelly, RA is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln College of Architecture. His previous teaching experience includes Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture in Springfield, MO and California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Prior to joining the faculty at UNL, Brian served as lead designer in the office of Randy Brown Architects, designing several award-winning projects of various types and scales.
Art Pieces: None

Keyes, Scott
Bio: Scott Keyes currently lives in Waikiki, Hawaii, where he is an architect for the Federal Government, working on projects for N.O.A.A., the National Park Service, and the US Navy. He received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto and has also studied at the University of Bologna and UCLA. Scott has previously worked for Bruce Mau Design and Diamond and Schmitt & Architects and has had projects featured in Canadian Architect, Spacing Magazine and The National Post.
Art Pieces: Diminishing Returns

Konchagulian, Paul
Bio: Paul was born in New York in 1962. He received his BFA from Alfred University College of Ceramics in Alfred, New York. Paul’s belief is that steel sculpture doesn’t have to be geometrical or rigid. His vision is to explore the softer more malleable side of steel’s properties while still maintaining its visual presence and strength. Paul’s love of steel sculpture has taken him around the world. He has spent time exhibiting and creating commissioned work in Massachusetts, New York and Japan. He currently lives in Omaha, NE where he has exhibited in local galleries and has permanent sculpture installed throughout the city. Paul also regularly teams up with local architects and developers creating and fabricating custom work.
Art Pieces: aha-MO, Kenetic Portrait, Let's Play House, Nailed It, , , Prairie Sun, , Prairie Moon

Leach, James
Bio: Think Tank Design Studio
Art Pieces: Vanishing Point

Ledesma, Renee
Bio: Renee has a natural eye for color and design. For more than a decade, she has played an active part in Omaha’s music and art community. She derives inspiration from her love of folk art, all things handmade, and her Mexican heritage. Renee has exhibited her work at numerous solo and group shows in museums and galleries throughout the area, including Josyln Art Museum, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Jackson Artworks and El Museo Latino, among others. Renee participated in the citywide O! public arts project and won the 2008 Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for Best 3-D Artist.
Art Pieces: The Mother

Lee, Craig
Bio: As an artist, Craig Lee tries to create images that provoke the imagination and appeal to the senses. Whether the desired result is one of accurate realism or art - historical traditionalism, bold abstraction or light whimsy, he believes in the importance of a client's ideas and involvement in decisions. Lee's art - making background is fairly extensive, from his childhood and teenage years in central Nebraska, where he first learned to draw and paint, to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1982. he moved to Omaha, NE in 1985 after earning an MFA from Cranbrook Art Academy in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Lee did some teaching and commercial art, then in 1987 began working as a scenic artist at the Omaha Community Playhouse. He started Craig Lee Fine Art in 1995, and by the summer of 2000, made the decision to leave the Playhouse and devote all his time to the business.
Art Pieces: Hanscom Park Neighborhood Mural, Pete's Fantasy

Mason, Jean
Bio: Most known for her vivid and passionate musicians, Jean Mason's oil paintings depict the energy and emotion spilling from the souls of blues and jazz artists. Each painting has hidden depths and layers of meaning. Her paintings reflect a deeper human connection. Music is the fuel that ignites her paintings. It's almost as important as the canvas and the paint. Her work often relates to words from songs, things she reads or stories she hears. There are notes and scraps of paper pasted all over her studio - paintings in the simmering stage, before any brush stroke has appeared. She writes those inspirations around the outside edges of the finished paintings. There's always more to the story. She began formal art lessons at age 12. She showed work through the private art school and made her first real sale before she was officially a teenager. In high school and college and she developed an interest in theater design, painting huge backdrops for local theater companies. Jean graduated from University of Kansas with degrees in studio art and education.
Art Pieces: Doe Re Mi

Mattern, Diane
Bio: Diane Mattern lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska. At her studio in the Hot Shops Art Center, she creates welded steel and concrete sculptures. With inspiration from nature, Diane's work has an organic feel; graceful spirals, twiggy branches and textured concrete with patina finishes. Her previous career in landscaping led Diane to take up welding, creating functional trellises, birdbaths and garden features for clients. The garden theme remains in Diane's work, but she has brought the art into the home, with tables, candle holders, mug trees, wall pieces and more. Diane's work can be found at the Hot Shops Art Center, the Blue Pomegranate and the Dundee Gallery in Omaha, Cooper Gallery in Ashland, Nebraska and From Our Hands in Des Moines, Iowa.
Art Pieces: Boing or Ribbons, If You Study, You're Going to Get It, Three Totems

McCawley, Mary
Bio: HDR Landscape Architect
Art Pieces: Reflection

McKenzie, Robert
Bio: McKenzie used sculpture to illustrate points before his classes in anatomy. He continued it in the course of his physical education to teach his students and athletes how, for example, to crouch for the sprint or plunge, how to hold the discus, or how to take the hurdles. It became increasingly apparent that his figures had a beauty as well as utility. For years he was a participant and exhibitor in the competition of fine arts at the Olympic games. For the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm he designed his famous plaque of three hurdlers known as the Joy of Effort of which the original is set into the wall of the Stockholm stadium and for which he received the King's Medal from the King of Sweden. There is a freshness, vitality and spirit in all of his works that make them come alive. McKenzie was convinced that through art, one could portray ideals of physical development. His works were anatomically accurate, comparing favorably with the art of ancient Greece. He is considered by some to be greater than the Greeks in that he was able, while keeping the brilliance and beauty of his figures, to endow them with the essence of motion. His athletic figures are beautiful and because they are correct in every detail of construction, appear to be alive. Before World War I, he was recognized as the greatest sculptor of athletic youth. After the war, his war memorials brought forth his most magnificent contributions to mankind. Dr. McKenzie's work is world-renowned, and examples of is work may be found at the University of Pennsylvania; Red Cross Building, Washington, D.C.; Girard College War Memorial, Philadelphia; Woodbury, New Jersey; Cambridge, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Ottawa, Canada; University of Tennessee, Knoxville; and many of them at Almonte, Ontario.
Art Pieces: Ideal Scout

Miegs, Linda
Bio: Artist, Preservationist and Director of the Florence Mill, which was a dilapidated ruin without a roof or windows and now serves the public as a historical and cultural site.
Art Pieces: Art is not Communication. It is Dialogue.

Nelson, Kris
Bio: Think Tank Design Studio
Art Pieces: Vanishing Point

Novak, Henry
Bio: Henry Alois Novak is an artist living and working in Omaha, Nebraska. His chosen medium is a black pen and a blank piece of paper. Hank has created and drawn many characters, most notably Chap Clapper, Cube Cat, Octo-Pig, Cock-a-Doodle-Doofus, and The Bean Series.
Art Pieces: This Blows

Pena, Bryan

Art Pieces: Bamberos

Peragine, Dan

Art Pieces: Praxis

Pluhacek, Kristin
Bio: Kristin Pluhacek lives and works in Omaha, Nebraska. Her drawings and paintings have been exhibited extensively in Midwestern fine arts galleries and museums, and her work is represented in numerous public and private collections. She has participated in several public art projects and has led many project workshops, including the mural “Hanscom Postcard”, a collaboration between the UNO SummerWorks program and the Omaha Parks Department; the Lauritzen Gardens Lewis and Clark Interpretive Icon; and "Reach for Your Dreams", a collaboration between Mutual of Omaha, Campfire USA and the United States Swimming Association in conjunction with the 2008 Olympic Swim Trials. She is also the illustrator for the book, “Send Me Tulips” (Prisma press) and the set designer for “Raskol”, one of five 2012 Great Plains Theatre Conference Playfest plays. Kristin is a BFA graduate of Creighton University, a roster artist for the Nebraska Arts Council Artists in Schools/Communities program and a drawing instructor at Metropolitan Community College. Currently, her work can be viewed at Anderson/O’Brien Gallery ( in Omaha, NE; MLB Designs in Kansas City, MO (; and on line at
Art Pieces: Osage Orange, Unk, Unk, Unk, Hanscom Postcard, Sherman Watering Can

Raven, Lavie
Bio: Lavie Raven is a social studies and language arts instructor at Kenwood Academy (a Chicago public high school), and the Minister of Education for the University of Hip-Hop. Having taught in the school system for ten years and done community arts work for seventeen years, Raven has created strategies for applying hip-hop as community service and classroom education. He has worked with youth on many community hip-hop arts programs and social justice projects, for groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Pogranizce (Borderlands Project), the Southwest Youth Collaborative, the Chicago Park District, the University of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, and numerous other organizations. Raven has also done community mural projects in Sejny, Poland; Oakland, California; Alert Bay British Columbia; and Pine Ridge, South Dakota. As one of the founders of the University of Hip-Hop, a multi-disciplinary school of the street arts, Raven helped to create a dozen charter branches that serve youth across the city of Chicago and throughout the nation. As a certified teacher of social studies and English, grades 7-12, Raven has taught courses in World Studies, African-American History, Argument and Debate, and English, levels I-IV. In his experience as an educator Raven has assisted youth in addressing issues of social justice through the public arts and community service-learning projects. As a mural artist he has worked with youth to create murals that have been displayed at museums, cultural centers, and community organizations. Raven provides youth with a multi-disciplinary approach toward life that holistically engages their academic skills, celebrates their talents and artistic abilities, and empowers his students’ desires to bring positive change to society. In his work for local, national, and international communities, Lavie Raven continually strives to spearhead unconventional and prolific youth empowerment projects in and out of the classroom.
Art Pieces: Evolve

RDG Planning
Bio: RDG Planning & Design
Art Pieces: Makimono

Reding, Jeremy
Bio: Reding graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with his Master of Architecture degree in 2001. He now resides in Seattle where he is a principal at Boxwood, an architecture and integrated design firm. The firm has been involved in a number of Nebraska projects including: Urban Wine Company in Omaha, YMCA in Mason City, and a monastery, currently under construction, for the Omaha Poor Clare Sisters in Elkhorn.
Art Pieces: Corn as Commodity

Rezac, Matthew
Bio: Since leaving Nebraska, Matthew has studied world religions and theology and spent several years in public policy advocacy focused on social justice issues. He now works for a private foundation in northern Minnesota, assisting rural communities in shaping their future through community engagement and cross-sector collaboration.
Art Pieces: Cultivator

Rhodes, Dan
Bio: HDR Landscape Architect
Art Pieces: Reflection

Rogers, Caleb
Bio: Studio 360 Architecture
Art Pieces: Serenity

Roots, Larry
Bio: Larry Roots is primarily a painter with a preference for large-scale work. Surface and textural qualities have always been of primary importance. Collateral to the painting is Larry's sculptural work. They have primarily been large-scale commissions but more recently include gallery works. Larry earned his B.A. in painting from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, where he was named Alumni of the Year for 2005 in the visual arts. A full-time artist, Larry is in his studio everyday. Consequently he has cataloged over one-thousand works. His work shows regionally and nationally and is included in corporate, public and private collections.
Art Pieces: Inspiration and Perseverance

Rowe, Erica
Bio: Erica is Senior Art Director at Bozell. In her 14 years with Bozell, Erica has produced award-winning work for many of the agency’s largest clients, including First National Bank, Westlake Ace Hardware, Mutual of Omaha, MidAmerican Energy and the YWCA.
Art Pieces: Google Map

Saligman, Meg
Bio: Meg Saligman was born in Olean, New York in 1965. There she experimented with many kid friendly medias including finger paint, the etch-a-sketch, and play dough. She painted her first mural in 1989 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then her talents have blossomed into an internationally recognized mural career. Her work has been influential from the very beginning. In Philadelphia, she was the first artist to include community members in the actual mural itself. One of Saligman’s greatest innovations was that she devised a system where people from communities could easily paint the murals themselves. This technique has enabled entire cities and even prison communities to participate in the public art making process. Saligman was the first artist to use a computer in the designing of murals here in Philadelphia. Her influence continues as she has developed many computer techniques that are widely used in the designing process. She currently is developing digital works incorporating LED and moving images.
Art Pieces: Fertile Ground

Schlosser, Tom
Bio: Mr. Tom Schlosser is an Associate Professor at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska, where he supervises many programs in addition to his teaching responsibilities. Mr. Schlosser serves as Program Director for the Art and Computer Graphics facility at the College of Saint Mary, directs the Hillmer Art Gallery and aids in the exhibition of art collections at the college and across the state of Nebraska. Mr. Schlosser has been honored with two exhibitions at the Joslyn Art Museum as well as being elected as ConAgra Professor of the year by his colleagues. In addition, Mr. Schlosser realizes first-hand the societal importance of enlightening the citizenry about art. To that important end, Mr. Schlosser has maintained his capacity as an artist in residence with the Omaha Public Schools, has received three grants from the, Nebraska Arts Council and has actively approached private donors for the establishment of permanent art galleries and collections. Mr. Schlosser's artistic creativity focuses on the environment and the importance of the arts in education.
Art Pieces: Cycle of Trees, Nebraska Mural

Schmalz, Timothy
Bio: Born in rural Ontario, Canada in 1969 and only 40 years later Timothy is by far one of the most prolific artists of our time. Much like the past masters, his calling to the fine art of sculpture was a spiritual one. The best insight to how he feels about his vocation is his mission statement: “I am devoted to creating artwork that glorifies Christ. The reason for this devotion, apart from my Christian beliefs, is that an artist needs an epic subject to create epic art.
Art Pieces: The Visitation, St. Clare of Assisi, Jesus Washing the Feet of Peter, Jesus and Children, Millenium Milestone of Hope, Jesus Healing the Blind, St. Luke, St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. John, The Opening

Schutte, Vanessa
Bio: DLR Group/Design
Art Pieces: Golden Rod

Singleton, Gib
Bio: Born in Missouri, Gib Singleton's artistic ability was recognized as a student at Southern Illinois University where he learned to work in bronze. From there he was accepted by the Art Institute of Chicago to study on full scholarship. His apparent genius earned him a Fulbright Fellowship to study in Italy at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. His stellar career path led to a year in the Vatican art studio where one of his many achievements was assisting with the restoration of Michelangelo's Pieta. It was in Italy that his development was profoundly affected by his study of Italian Masters: Michelangelo, Bronzino, Giovanni Bologna, among others. Upon his return to the United States, Singleton assimilated all that he had learned into the creation of his Western imagery. Exploring the culture of the Old West, Singleton expresses the daily life, suggesting action in a new mode of emotive realism. Using Renaissance techniques, Singleton molds his wax to perfect the details of chaps, spurs, guns and saddle, telling the story of cowboy life with all its nuances, rituals and expressive humor.
Art Pieces: Moses, Crucifix

Smakal, Shaun
Bio: Shaun Smakal, a Master of Landscape Architecture candidate at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and a graduate of the Resource Planning B.Sc. program at the University of Michigan.
Art Pieces: The Battery

Smith, Colin
Bio: Colin Smith's paintings and sculptures expand the conventions of painting. Beginning with the joys of material, color and the graphic image, Smith’s newest works are aggressive, buoyant and difficult to classify. The wall works reference minimal painting and expressionism, yet their colors and forms are fully contemporary. The floor sculptures are playful and casual, yet their offhandedness belies a rigorous process and intentional mark making. Smith is interested in making works that charge retinal and interior spaces. They move when you squint and can throw you off balance if you get too close. Smith’s abstractions have a liveliness and spirit that is rare in contemporary painting, particularly in works that contain such a restrained and focused bag of tricks. Smith received his BFA in 1988 from the University of Nebraska-Omaha and his MFA in 1992 from Drake University. Colin Smith recently produced several new works for the Bemis Center’s Borderland Abstraction exhibition.
Art Pieces: PromO!

Solarana, Cathy
Bio: Cathy’s resume tells a thoughtful soul search of her own; founding her own small design firm, Visually Speaking, teaching design for nine years at her alma mater, Creighton University, and big agency life with six years at Bailey Lauerman where she created award-winning work for brands like Union Pacific, The Nature Conservancy, Omaha Community Foundation and AIGA Nebraska Chapter.
Art Pieces: Drive Shed

Swerczek, Brad
Bio: HDR Landscape Architect
Art Pieces: Reflection

Tacha, Athena

Art Pieces: Link

Trempe, Bob
Bio: Bob Trempe’s investigate works have been shown nationally and internationally at venues such as the ACM/SIGGRAPH Art Galleries in San Diego CA and New Orleans LA as well as exhibits such as DrawingOut2010 in Melbourne, Australia. Bob Trempe is currently an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.
Art Pieces: ....that Hourglass Figure...., Around The Bend (This Exit)

Trivedi, Dipti
Bio: HDR Landscape Architect
Art Pieces: Reflection

Uhl, Deborah
Bio: Deborah Uhl's passion for painting and conservation first revealed itself at the young age of six. She painted a life-size mural of Jesus on the Water on her parent's wall. Throughout her childhood, she painted meticulous trees and figures, which evolved into detailed foregrounds contrasted with expressive airbrushed backgrounds. Her creative visions were always meant to be seen on a grand scale. Her attraction to detail led her to explore the chemistry of artist's materials and techniques. Her desire to keep going deeper led her to an Advanced Degree in Painting Conservation. Her understanding of past aesthetics and of materials both past and present informs the conservation art she creates and the historic surfaces she conserves. Her pursuit of experiencing and learning from the natural wonders of the world have led her into a gypsy lifestyle in which she weaves her personal and the professional. Her latest adventures led her to Cambodia to paint the strangler trees growing out of 400 year old temples and to the Philippines to conserve moldy contemporary paintings and to exhibit her watercolors of the Thai countryside.
Art Pieces: Faraway Lands Flow Into the Plains

Vargas, Bart

Art Pieces: O!

Watson, Bill
Bio: Adelina Castro, born in Mexico City, and Bill Watson, born in Denver, met while attending architecture school at the University of Texas at Austin. After graduation and a short time working in Madrid, they settled in New York City where they have worked for internationally recognized architecture firms including Smith-Miller + Hawkinson, NBBJ and Gluckman Mayner Architects. In 2006, Adelina and Bill established Castro Watson to pursue an interdisciplinary approach to big picture problem solving. The office has realized a wide range of projects from speculative research to architectural, furniture and product design.
Art Pieces: Speak Up For Small Farms

Young, Brad
Bio: HDR Landscape Architect
Art Pieces: Reflection