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Omaha Public Art

Reading Garden
by Catherine Ferguson

Omaha Public Art

The Road to Omaha
by John Labja

Public Art Omaha is a partnership of Omaha by Design and the Omaha Public Art Commission. It is supported by the Fund for Omaha through the Omaha Community Foundation in honor of Terry Haney. Eleven19 created our web site and logo. Students April Corbet, Josh Wiley and Aniruddha Bhaumik and Zach Fowler, director of information technology outreach at the University of Nebraska at Omaha's College of Information Science and Technology, developed our site's searchable database. Omaha Public Art Commissioner Jodi Taylor researched public art in the metro and logged the information into the database. Our Public Art Omaha Project Commiteee - Joan Baillon, Donovan Beery, Larry Ferguson, Ann Goldstein, Connie Spellman and Jodi Taylor - kept the trains running on time.

Omaha by Design
We are an urban design and environmental nonprofit dedicated to improving the way Omaha functions, looks and feels. We facilitate partnerships among the public, private and philanthropic sectors to execute projects that improve the quality of Omaha's built and natural environments. Our projects and activities stem from four areas of focus: Green Omaha, respecting the natural environment; Civic Omaha – fostering civic pride; Neighborhood Omaha – celebrating neighborhood diversity; and Environment Omaha – creating a more sustainable city. Public art is part of our Civic Omaha portfolio.

Omaha Public Art Commission
We are an official City of Omaha commission made up of members appointed by the mayor. We make recommendations on artwork donated to and acquired by the city, and we serve as an advisory committee to other city boards in all matters regarding art and aesthetics. We are:

Larry Ferguson, chair
Ferguson Studio

Donovan Beery, vice chair

Paul Konchagulian

Linda Garcia

Anne Meysenburg
The Kent Bellow Studio

Pat Miltner
Skinner Magnet Center

Anne Peterson

Jodi Taylor

Karin Campbell
Joslyn Art Museum

Nick Grandgenett
Mayor's Office

Pat Slaven
City of Omaha Department of Parks, Recreation and Public Property