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Omaha Public Art

by Jake Balcom

What we collect from this website and the mobile app.

This website collects basic usage data such as IP address, browser type and capabilities, along with visit data such as URLs visited, time on page(s), and incoming and outgoing links.  This is collected for analytics tracking, but not stored or used in any manner otherwise.

The mobile app communicates with our servers to access art information. In doing so, as with the website, it collects your mobile IP address and URL requests for art.  The mobile apps request locatoin data to serve "Art Near Me," and Camera permission to allow you to submit new art into the website.  GPS information is also sent to our servers when you submit a photo of new art to our system, with your IP address, and the time and date of the request. Any additional informaiton you provide during the art submission is used only for the purposes of listing a new piece of art.

Your information is not sold, harvested for lists, or otherwise used in any way except for the purposes of accessing and viewing this website and the art it contains.