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Airbourne Monument , 2007

by Matthew J. Placzek


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Adjacent to the World War II Monument and lake at Heartland of America Park, 8th & Douglas Streets

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Heartland Airborne Memorial is a testimonial to the persistence, patience, tireless work and vision of Airborne veterans in our community who stayed the course in completing their mission and to the many benefactors who donated to the campaign.

Big Foot Bench , 2007

by Jennifer Hill


Mediums: Concrete

Location: West, Metropolitan Community College; Near South entrance to the building at the Elkhorn Valley Campus (204th and West Dodge Road)

Owner: Metropolitain Community College

Dancer of the Roses , 2007

by Unknown


Mediums: Stone

Location: Creighton University; Creighton University 2500 California ave. Located near the Humanities Building

Owner: Creighton University

Faraway Lands Flow Into the Plains , 2007

by Deborah Uhl


Mediums: Mural, Acrylic

Location: Downtown; 1015 Farnam

Owner: O Dining Restaurant

Additional Information: This entire mural was painted in one week, and much of it at night due to the proximity of parked cars during the day. Three artists assisted in creating the mural: local Blair Art Educator, Angel Thomas, Objects Conservator from the Ford Conservation Center, Julie Parker, and Las Vegas Artist, Erica Deutsch, who painted the cityscape. Deborah despairs that the Great Wall painting, painted in the eighties, underneath the Faraway Lands mural was not in good enough condition to be saved and integrated into the new mural. The artist and client's intention for the new mural was to brighten the building and draw attention into the new restaurant housed within. O'Dining's menu brings in cuisine from Faraway Lands so we felt the subject of the mural was fitting. Deborah brought in her favorite subject, the Bristlecone pine trees, from Colorado's mountain tops, for the foreground and had them flow into the Omaha cityscape as the focal point for the mural. Deborah Uhl, an Omaha native, is a Mural Artist and also a Mural Conservator. She travels the world working in and outside historic buildings and new ones. She leads crews of Artists and Conservators on large scale projects through her company, the Creative Conservation Collective, based out of Colorado. She conserved the murals in the Durham Museum and has restored theatre interiors including decorative curtains in West Point, Kearney, Scottsbluff, and Kimball.

Illumina , 2007

by Matthew J. Placzek


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Hilton | Qwest Center; South side of the Qwest Center 455 N. 10th St.

Owner: MECA

Additional Information: Omaha sculptor Matthew Placzek tries to create art that people can relate to. His philosophy is evident in "Illumina," a $2 million public art project that now graces the grounds of Qwest Center Omaha. The project's bronze sculptures, dedicated in ceremonies held in May 2007, are reminiscent of an era in which performers, large sculptures and other forms of art were an active part of daily street life and local events. Anchored by a 35-foot stainless steel clock, "Illumina" features six, oversized bronze figures, including a 14-foot-tall stilts walker. Numerous multicolored spheres also adorn the arena lobby, adding depth and vibrancy to the sculpture. Inside the lobby, an illuminated sphere sculpture will produce a state-of-the-art light show in the evenings. The entire project, which Placzek cites as his largest and most important to date, consists of more than 2,000 LED lights, 4,000 pounds of bronze, 28,000 pounds of stainless steel and 360 tons of concrete. Its size, diversity of elements and complexity of design required a collaborative effort involving specialists from across the country.

Light and Lines , 2007

by Susan Knight


Mediums: Metal, Fiberglass

Location: Downtown; Located outside the Omaha Chamber of Commerce 1301 Harney Street

Owner: Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Additional Information: For this rail-inspired O!, Susan Knight used toy train tracks to create a dramatic pattern and distinctive texture across the entire surface. Whether people arrived in Omaha to work on the railroads or to labor in other occupations, newcomers created links that formed communities across the city. These links are symboliz3ed by the joined tracks. The train tracks also represent Omaha's long history as a hub for train travel and the headquarters for Union Pacific, one of America's most well-known railroads.

Millenium Milestone of Hope , 2007

by Timothy Schmalz


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Creighton University; Creighton University 2500 California Ave. located slightly North of Gallagher Hall

Owner: Creighton University

Mother and Child , 2007

by Albert Rhea


Mediums: Stainless Steel

Location: Mid-Town; Clarkson Park, located on 40th street between Dodge and Davenport

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association sponsored installation of the public art sculpture in Clarkson Park. The project was undertaken with support from the Mayor’s Neighborhood Grant Program. Rhea’s sculpture was selected for both its artistic merit and its suitability for the park location

O! , 2007

by Bart Vargas


Mediums: Fiberglass

Location: University of Nebraska at Omaha; University of Nebraska at Omaha Weber Fine Arts Building at the campus,60th & Dodge Streets

Owner: Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Series: O! Public Art Project

Additional Information: This complex design represents both Omaha’s unity and diversity as well as the city’s vibrant energy, potential and future. The painted surface’s design includes twenty-two randomly placed O!s, one for each sculpture involved in the O! Public Art Project. Five skin tone colors symbolize the diversity of both the American and indigenous Omaha population.

Omaha On My Mind , 2007

by Littleton Alston


Mediums: Metal, Fiberglass, Paint

Location: Downtown; Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce Plaza, corner of 13th & Farnam Street

Owner: Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Series: O! Public Art Project

Additional Information: Donated by Mayor Mike Fahey. This sculpture depicts the artist’s self-portrait and is constructed from mild steel, resulting in an impressive work. Alston envisioned the winds of change blowing through a net, which creates the portrait and animates the space surrounding the entire sculpture. He uses the O! symbol as a pure shape and a continuum, with the painted clouds referencing limitless possibilities.

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