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Vessel , 2011

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Stainless Steel, LED Lights

Location: Mid-Town; 1919 Aksarben Drive. Located n the NE corner of Aksarben Dr and Frances St.

Owner: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Additional Information: It's a faintly V-shaped piece and has cutouts swirling around the metal exterior. Its center section glows a vibrant neon blue when darkness sets. Bruning said the shape of the piece is loosely based on the familiar medical symbol of two snakes swirling around the central staff." "The cutouts on the piece mostly deal with ecological issues and man's relationship with nature: endangered sturgeon fish swim around the base, men swim around the middle, and eagles and hawks fly around the top. Vessel uses the basic form of a vessel as a metaphor for the sum of ones life and experiences. Both on the interior spiral ribbons and in the exterior skin, there are repeating patterns of pallid sturgeons, human swimmers and hawks and eagles. In our cycle of life the see our species endangering the pallid sturgeons that enhabit the Missouri River. The human swimmers represent man in the immediate balance with nature and the hawks and eagles are thriving survivors of decades ago abuse of pesticides. The cut out forms create an ephermal quality in which we sometimes see the interior forms and at other times the lighting conditions only allow us to real the images on the skin. At night the interior lighting creates a blue glow.

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