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Memorial to Omaha the Horse , 2009

by Unknown


Mediums: Bronze, Stone, Concrete

Location: Mid-Town; Stinson Park 67th and West Center Road

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: In 1935, a horse dubbed “Omaha” won the Triple Crown. In 1950, Omaha was relocated to Nebraska to improve thoroughbred racing horses in the state. Omaha made his home at the Grove Porter Farm near Nebraska City and remained there until his death, April 24, 1959. The legendary horse was buried at Aksarben, where he has been memorialized. When Aksarben was torn down, this memorial was erected in Stinson Park.

Moment , 2009

by Albert Paley


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown, Joslyn; Joslyn Art Museum Sculpture Garden 2200 Dodge St.

Owner: Joslyn Art Museum

Additional Information: Albert Paley has been heralded for his inventive approach to form development and metal technique in his large-scale sculpture. The site-specific metal assemblages Paley has created over the past three decades place him not only in the forefront of contemporary sculpture but also in the vanguard of artists working in the new, genre-defying area that has been called “Archisculpture.” His inclusion in this group is due to his skill in merging boundaries between the two disciplines and his innovative experiments with environmental and formal considerations. On loan from by Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, 2010

Pencil Bench , 2009

by Ron Parks


Mediums: Stainless Steel

Location: Joslyn; Joslyn Art Museum Discovery Sculpture Garden 2200 Dodge Street

Owner: Joslyn Art Museum

Additional Information: Omaha artist Ron Parks is applies to the creative process the knowledge and experience gained from a 30-year career of inventing, designing, and fabricating in metals. Fusing the fabricated with the natural, each piece invites the viewer to join in by teasing one’s sense of reality. Light strikes angle and veers off; shadow glides along curve; imagination blends with craftsmanship. The Joslyn museum purchased this piece with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Truhlsen.

Pioneer Courage Park , 2003-2009

by Blair Buswell; Edward Fraughton


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; 14th Street and Capitol

Owner: First National Bank

Additional Information: In conjunction with the Spirit of Nebraska Wilderness Park, the gateway into Omaha's central business district is transformed into the Gateway of the West with this one-of-a-kind tribute to the people who settled this great land. Pioneer Courage is an homage to the bravery, courage and entrepreneurial spirit that defined a generation and left an indelible impact on the American culture. Pioneer Courage Park is the result of the first collaboration between Utah sculptors Blair Buswell and Edward Fraughton. When the pioneers first traversed Nebraska, they would have seen a wild expanse spreading out before them, with no man-made object to obstruct their view.

Sky Spirit , 2009

by Joel Perlman


Mediums: Metal

Location: West; 9505 I Street

Owner: A,eriFirst Home Improvement Finance

Sprockets on Rebar , 2009

by Mark Goodall


Mediums: Steel, Rebar

Location: Mid-Town; Benson Community Center, 60th & Maple Street

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Bike Blast Art Project

Additional Information: The Benson-Ames Alliance sponsored “Sprockets on Rebar” because the Bike Blast project fit well with the alliance’s philosophy of striving to become a sustainable community that actively seeks a balance between its built and natural environments.

Story-Telling Hut , 2009

by Patrick Dougherty


Mediums: Wood

Location: Joslyn; Joslyn Art Museum Discovery Sculpture Garden 2200 Dodge Street

Owner: Joslyn Art Museum

Additional Information: An internationally known sculptor of large-scale, site specific, temporary sculptures made from indigenous materials, Dougherty creates monumental environments by interweaving branches and twigs, without any outside means of attachment. His works allude to nests, cocoons, hives, and lairs built by animals, as well as the manmade forms of huts, haystacks, and baskets. He intentionally creates each work of art to look “found” rather than made, as if it has just fallen into or grown up naturally in its setting. Each work takes three to four weeks to construct and gradually disintegrates over a period of 18 to 24 months. The Joslyn installation is a circular structure in the shape of the letters Y-O-U-R S-T-O-R-Y. The Joslyn museum purchased this piece with funds provided by Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Truhlsen.

Sturgeon Bike Rack , 2009

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Steel

Location: Omaha-Council Bluffs Bridge; Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge-Omaha Plaza, 705 Riverfront Drive

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Bike Blast Art Project

Additional Information: The bike rack, topped off bicycles with an insert of the Pallid Sturgeon (endangered species) was purchased by Back to the River Inc. and donated to the City of Omaha Plaza at Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

The Mother , 2009

by Renee Ledesma; Jasmine Ruch


Mediums: Mural, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; Jane’s Health Market & Deli, 6103 Maple St.

Owner: Jane's Health Market and Deli

Series: Benson Mural Project

Additional Information: In 2009, seven people gathered with the common purpose of transforming a portion of Benson’s environment through creative neighborhood projects. After much brainstorming they settled on a public art venture in the form of a mural project. The seven represented Leadership Omaha Class 31, itself a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. The group contacted Benson High School and 12 artists submitted their ideas. Artist Renee Ledesma Hoover’s mural on the back wall of Jane’s Market was a community endeavor. She mentors Benson High School student Jasmine Ruch. They collaborated on a design with a woman, suggestive of Mother Nature as the trunk of a blossoming tree. Set against a pale blue sky, the tree is surrounded by intricately painted flowers, butterflies and abstract motif.

Three Totems , 2009

by Diane Mattern; Peggy Ritschel


Mediums: Concrete, Metal

Location: West; St. Robert's Church Sculpture Garden 11900 Pacific Street located between church and school

Owner: St. Robert's Church

Additional Information: Inscribed with the words Faith, Love and Hope

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