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by Jun Kaneko


Mediums: Ceramic, Stone

Location: Mid-Town; Located on the Kaneko designed plaza between the College of Pharmacy and the Sorrel Center for Health Science Education Building at UNMC. 1/2 block north of 42nd and Emile streets on the NE of the intersection.

Owner: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Additional Information: Kaneko, a native of Japan, has employed abstraction to represent the inherent chaos that balances the natural world. Within the interplay of clay and form, surface and pattern, shapes emerge through Western and Eastern aesthetics to create visible harmony.

Dr. Harry Jenkins Memorial Bench , 2005

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Steel

Location: Mid-Town; Along the Keystone Trail near 88th & Sprague Circle.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: Bench was commissioned by friends of Dr. Harry Jenkins, an avid supporter and user of the Keystone Trail.

Dream Into Stars , 2005

by Stephanie Carlson-Pruch; Guillermo Ventura; Eric Ventura


Mediums: Wood, Acrylic

Location: Mid-Town; Castelar Elementary School, 18th and Martha St., outside on the east side of the building

Owner: Omaha Public Schools

Series: Bench Marks

Additional Information: This was part of the 2005-2006 Bench Marks project. The project was a collaboration of artists, writers, and organizations that support and encourage an active, healthy and involved community.

Dundee Community Garden Entrance , 08/01/2014

by Dan Newberry


Mediums: Stone, Mixed Media, Metal, Wood

Location: Mid-Town; Northwest corner of 49th Street and Underwood Avenue.

Owner: Dundee Community Garden

Additional Information: The artist has created a whimsical, yet substantial permanent entranceway for Dundee Community Garden. Dan Newberry captures the architectural styles and here-to-stay culture of one of Omaha’s premier neighborhoods. An elegant entrance to both the Garden and Merchant District, this stunning edifice makes a wordless statement inviting ALL to join in.

Dundee Streetcar , 2002

by Jay Tschetter; Susan Horn


Mediums: Brick

Location: Mid-Town; Underwood and Happy Hollow Blvd.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: In 2001-2002 the Dundee -Memorial Park Association built a memorial to Omaha’s street cars at the corner of Underwood and Happy Hollow (the Streetcar Wall). The streetcar line ended at this location. The wall was built with the generous contributions of the membership and the support of the City of Omaha.

Dundee Subway Mural , 2016


Mediums: Mural, Collage

Location: Mid-Town; UNDER Dodge Street, along the west side of 51st Street

Owner: City of Omaha

Enigma , 1984

by John Havener


Mediums: Metal

Location: Mid-Town; UNO Art Dept 60th and Dodge

Owner: University of Nebraska at Omaha

Ex-POW Monument , 2009

by Carl Weiss


Mediums: Granite

Location: Mid-Town; Memorial Park, 60th & Underwood Avenue

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Monument is dedicated to the men and women who served their country with great pride and had the misfortune to be prisoners of war. The Monument is made of black granite with a rough cut back and polished front. The black granite represents the black ribbon flanked by red, white and blue from which the ex-POW’s medal hangs. The rough cut represents the harshness and despair the POW’s were subject to in captivity. The polished front has an explanation of the monument. At the top of the polished front is a cast bronze replica of the medal awarded to the ex-POW. Below are the 5 branches of the service, cast in aluminum.

Germ , 1970

by Lee Lubbers


Mediums: Metal, Aluminum

Location: Mid-Town; In the backyard of a residential property; along the east side of 51st Street, just north of California.

Owner: Marc Kraft

Gifford Park , 2012

by Jamie Burmeister


Mediums: Steel, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; South West corner of 33rd and Cass Street

Owner: Gifford Park Neighborhood Association

Additional Information: The piece “Gifford Park” was inspired by the positive changes that have happened to the Gifford Park neighborhood over the last 20 years. The girl depicted in the sculpture is a Gifford Park Neighborhood resident, riding a bike she got from the Community Bike Project, smelling a flower grown in the Gifford Park Community Garden. This sculpture is a celebration of positive things happening in this great Midtown Omaha Neighborhood.

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