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Hanscom Park Neighborhood Mural , 2012

by Craig Lee


Mediums: Mural, Acrylic, Latex

Location: Mid-Town; 3519 Center Street

Owner: Petros Axiotes

Additional Information: The artist wanted to replace a decaying mural on the site. Extensive repairs were necessary on the wall itself, especially mortar repair and large cracks to fill. The artist received the building owner's permission to repair masonry and paint the new mural, and his expenses were eventually paid by generous private donors as well as the Hanscom Park Neighborhood Association.

Hanscom Postcard , 2014

by Kristin Pluhacek


Mediums: Latex

Location: Mid-Town

Owner: Omaha Parks Department

Additional Information: Hanscom Postcard was created during summer 2014 as the arts element for the University of Nebraska at Omaha SummerWorks program. 150 plus participants helped to paint this mural over the span of 2.5 months.

Homer at the Pizza Shoppe , 2009

by Watie White


Mediums: Mural

Location: Mid-Town; 6056 Maple Street

Owner: The Pizza Shoppe

Series: Benson Mural Project

Additional Information: In 2009, seven people gathered with the common purpose of transforming a portion of Benson’s environment through creative neighborhood projects. After much brainstorming they settled on a public art venture in the form of a mural project. The seven represented Leadership Omaha Class 31, itself a project of the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. The group contacted Benson High School and 12 artists submitted their ideas. This piece was submitted by Andrew Forsman who took his inspiration from Homer’s “The Odyssey”, which he had just read in school. Artist Watie White brought Forsman’s vison to life. The result is a colossal wooden ship with a bright red mainsail amongst lively cobalt ocean waves. Three figures reach for help from the water, seven row the boat, a man is seemingly tied to the mast, a luminous red-hair womanly bodice paves the way (modeled after Pizza Shoppe owner, Amy Ryan). Other models include Pizza Shoppe employees.

Hope , 2011

by James Carpenter


Mediums: Steel, Mixed Media, LED Lights

Location: Mid-Town; UNMC Campus, 42nd and Emile It is west of the Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health. It is located on what was formerly 40th Street midway between Dewey Avenue and Emile Street.

Owner: University of Nebraska Medical Center

Additional Information: This piece of art -- which was paid for entirely by private donation -- is part of overall plans for UNMC's academic campus. Omaha philanthropists Ruth and Bill Scott made the lead donation on this piece. The tower – the first artistic piece done by world-renowned artist James Carpenter in Nebraska – is considered a key component in UNMC’s academic campus. The tower was designed to reflect the beautiful effects that occur in the Nebraska sky. It combines stainless steel and natural light to embody UNMC’s scientific character and the transient qualities of Nebraska’s skies. If it’s a bright sunny day, it will appear to shimmer. At dusk, it will reflect the variety of colors that are in the sky. In many places in Nebraska, the clouds and sky seem to merge with the ground and Carpenter wanted to capture that effect with the piece.

Imagine , 2010

by Matthew J. Placzek


Mediums: Bronze, Steel, Mixed Media, LED Lights

Location: Mid-Town; Children's Hospital 8200 Dodge St. The installation is on the corner of 82nd and Dodge

Owner: Children's Hospital

Additional Information: According to the artist, the piece symbolizes the nurturing and protection that the hospital offers its young patients. Each of the larger than life children's statues and silver umbrellas are beacons of a LED light show that is capable of projecting 16 million colors. Inside the structure, the breathtaking tree of 15 umbrellas soar upon a 65 foot steel ribbon, allowing the viewer to imagine joy that follows healing.


by Unknown


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Mid-Town; St. Margaret Mary Church 123 N. 61st Street NE side of the church in the public garden area

Owner: St. Margaret Mary Church

Jesus and The Children

by Bud Boller


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Mid-Town; St. Margaret Mary Church 123 North 61st Street Located on the northeast side of the church

Owner: St. Margaret Mary Church

John S. Engdahl Memorial Sundial , 1978

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Mid-Town; 6901 N. 72nd St. Main entrance to Immanuel Hospital

Owner: Immanual Medical Center

Additional Information: The sundial memorializes John S. Engdahl, 1890-1977

Korea-Vietnam Peace Memorial , 1976

by Keith James; John Snider


Mediums: Bronze, Brick

Location: Mid-Town; Omaha’s Memorial Park, 60th & Underwood Avenue Located directly to the south of the WWII Memorial in Memorial Park.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The Korean-Vietnam Peace Memorial Committee, chaired by Korean War veteran William Ramsey, organized the project and fund-raising for the sculpture. The committed decided it should be a peace memorial rather than a war memorial because American servicemen have always fought to preserve peace rather than for conquest. The initial contribution of $1,000 (toward the $15,000 cost for the sculpture) was donated by Omaha Post 1 American Legion. Actor John Wayne sent a check and many families of servicemen contributed.

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