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Reflection , Dedicated M

by Mary McCawley; Brad Swerczek; Dipti Trivedi; Brad Young; Dan Rhodes


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall Farnam street side, lower level near the water, east of 13th Street.

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by HDR Architecture, LOOK Architectural Coatings, Chris Kemp and Great Plains Polymers.The three guiding principles for the design were: that it reflects the design principles of Landscape Architecture; that it has a back to be comfortable for all age groups and that it is long lasting. The inspiration for the three seated bench is the natural succession of plant material from budding to full bloom; much like the growth of the City of Omaha. This progression is depicted in three acrylic panels, one on each of the seat back panels. The smooth metal framework is a blend of smooth curves and strong geometric lines that reflect the natural curved edges of the water and the geometric grid line of the surrounding City’s built patterns. The hope is that this bench welcomes the user to sit back, enjoy the surroundings of our beautiful City and REFLECT.

Serenity , 2010

by Jeremy Carlson; Caleb Rogers; Dwayne Brown


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, corner of 10th Street and Douglas

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by Studio 360 Architecture. The design team wanted to create a unique bench that meets the needs of pedestrians, bicyclist and city transit users. It was important to create a bench that was inviting, comfortable and timeless. This was done by using a simple form that is iconic of a bench; this allows the user to focus on the function of bench first and foremost while the design is played up in the details. Gene Leahy Mall was a major contributor to the design. The bench pays homage to the park by using similar colors and construction techniques. The bench mimics the cast-in-place concrete and wood inserts of varying depths used throughout the park; the primary steel elements are painted orange to match the light fixtures that surround the park. Serenity is constructed of steel (tube and plate) with a concrete anchor and base. The simple form of the bench also includes the ability for temporary bike storage. Concrete base was cast in place concrete with “Dur-a-pell” Anti-graffiti coating by Chem Probe. The tube steel is powder coated in white while the plate steel is powder coated in orange.

Shadow Box , 2005

by Tom Sitzman


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, east side of 10th Street between Farnam and Douglas. Sculpture is located next to the water

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Wind & Water Exhibition

Additional Information: This piece is designed to look different from every angle. The cutouts shadow and give dimension to the space without filling it. The shadows are as important as the sculpture itself. I want people to play with the space, shapes and shadows and be interactive with the art by looking through it, touching it and going inside it.

Sinuous , 2010

by Holland Basham


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, Farnam Street side, lower level near the water, east of 13th Street

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by Holland Basham Architects, Kiewit Building Group, Drake Williams Rebar, Davis J. D. Steel, Great Plains Polymers and Rich Bryen. The team’s inspiration for Sinuous is the lagoon that is the hearbeat of the Mall and the winding paths that are its veins. Just as the water lazily flowers from shore to shore, our seat mimics this rhythmic movement from every angle and reflects the ebb and flow of the surroundings. The undulation of Sinuous allows you to be one with the park and asks you to be a participant in its energy. The team chose rebar for its fragile yet sturdy characteristics; alone, the rebar is weak but together there is strength. It is easily manipulated and can be shaped and molded to imitate the landscape and the human body. The open composition of free-flowing bars implies a form that has a fixed presence but does not dominate the landscape. Sinuous emulates it inspiration-as the water directs it energy to the shore, Sinuous directs the individual to a defined experience. Comprised of 27-Bent, #5 Rebar Profiles, all sandblasted with powder coat finish.

Sky Fin , 2005

by Catherine Ferguson


Mediums: Steel

Location: Hilton | Qwest Center; Southwest entrance to the Qwest Center

Owner: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Series: Art 4 Omaha

Additional Information: The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts created the Artist-in-Industry Steel Collaboration Project with Valmont Industries and Qwest Center Omaha as a way to bring dynamic contemporary art directly to the public. Forty-one artists submitted proposals to the Bemis Center’s national sculpture competition. This piece was created by Catherine Ferguson. The Artist-in-Industry Steel Collaboration Project was made possible by Valmont Industries, who donated resources, materials, studio workspace, access to machinery and fabrication assistance to the sculptors. Most notably, Valmont’s highly-trained technicians Tyler Pearce and Randy Banghart enabled the artists to realize their sculptures at six-times larger than their proposed models, and their expertise enabled the resulting public art to coordinate perfectly with the architecture and atmosphere of Qwest Center Omaha. The sculptor of joyful Sky Fin wants to express our shared human fantasy of flying in the sky and swimming under water at will, unassisted.

South Omaha Sound Field , 2008

by Jamie Burmeister


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown, Metropolitan Community College; South Omaha Library located at 2808 Q Street, adjacent to Metropolitan Community College

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: South Omaha Sound Field is an interactive public art piece commissioned by the City of Omaha and Metropolitan Community College for the new South Omaha Library. The sculpture was inspired by the diverse immigrant heritages, old and new, that make up South Omaha. When viewers interact with sensors on each of the seven pieces, the sculpture plays music. The experience of the piece changes depending upon how the viewers interact with it. All controls are housed inside the library for climate control and safety. South Omaha Sound Field was inspired by the diverse immigrant heritages, old and new, that make up the South Omaha population, including Eastern European, Hispanic, Sudanese and others.

Sprockets on Rebar , 2009

by Mark Goodall


Mediums: Steel, Rebar

Location: Mid-Town; Benson Community Center, 60th & Maple Street

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Bike Blast Art Project

Additional Information: The Benson-Ames Alliance sponsored “Sprockets on Rebar” because the Bike Blast project fit well with the alliance’s philosophy of striving to become a sustainable community that actively seeks a balance between its built and natural environments.

Steel Watercolor Blue Arc , 2011

by Fletcher Benton


Mediums: Steel, Paint

Location: Mid-Town; UNMC Campus, 519 S. 40th Plaza Circle It is south of the Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health on the student plaza

Owner: Owned by the International Sculpture Center, on loan from Kaneko

Additional Information: Fletcher Benton’s fascination with letters and numbers became the inspiration for a major series of work that began in the 1970’s. Benton’s stunning variations on familiar themes present a wealth of possibilities, invention worthy of a great composer. Fletcher Benton was recognized in 2008 by the International Sculpture Center with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sturgeon Bike Rack , 2009

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Steel

Location: Omaha-Council Bluffs Bridge; Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge-Omaha Plaza, 705 Riverfront Drive

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: Bike Blast Art Project

Additional Information: The bike rack, topped off bicycles with an insert of the Pallid Sturgeon (endangered species) was purchased by Back to the River Inc. and donated to the City of Omaha Plaza at Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Sullivan's Passage , 1980

by George Trakas


Mediums: Steel, Granite

Location: Downtown; In front of the Omaha Opportunities Industrial Center (OOIC) Building 2724 N. 24th St.

Owner: Omaha Opportunities and Industrialization Center

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