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Garden of the Zodiac , 1985

by Evas Aeppli


Mediums: Bronze, Gold Plated

Location: Downtown; 10th and Howard, Old Market Passageway Accessible through the Garden of the Zodiac Gallery, second floor

Owner: Garden of the Zodiac

Gerald R Ford , 1980

by Jonathan Haschka; Nick Chiburis


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Gerald R Ford birth site 32nd and Woolworth. Located in the gardens.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The President Gerald R. Ford Birth site and Gardens commemorates the birth of Leslie King, Jr., who later became Gerald R. Ford, Jr. and was eventually sworn in as the thirty-eighth president of the United States of America in 1974. In 1971 President Ford's birthplace home was razed following a fire. Upon Ford's succession to the presidency in 1974, Omaha businessman James M. Paxton purchased the property intending to build a memorial on the site. In 1977 the birth site was dedicated.

Google Map , May 2012

by Erica Rowe; Bryan Mohr


Mediums: Mural, Mixed Media

Location: Downtown; Grain Silo 3417 Vinton St. Omaha NE

Owner: Emerging Terrain

Series: Stored Potential Two

Additional Information: ‘Google Map’ by Erica Rowe and Byran Mohr is a reminder of the domination of technology in our mobility. Using the familiar icons of Google Maps overlaid with a simplified depiction of the Omaha Riverfront Trail, they created their banner as an illustration of the increasing merging of transportation and technology. Erica and Bryan began their explorations for this project by considering how long it had been since either used a printed map to find their way. How outmoded is travel that involves buying a map, asking a stranger for directions, or even just trekking on until discovering the destination and many unexpected discoveries along the way. We now rely on little arrows on a screen to direct our way from A to B, with accuracy and dependability, and perhaps even a shifted perception of space, time, and a visual connection to our mobility based on digital representation. The artists believe Google is, and will continue to be, one of the leading forces in the information transportation revolution–turning our world into a more technologically accessible and interpretive landscape. They point out that it is Google who has driven every inch of the country to bring us ‘street view’ of our very own homes and driveways.

Grey Matter , May 2012

by Brian Hamilton


Mediums: Mural, Mixed Media

Location: Downtown; Grain Sil0 3417 Vinton St. Omaha NE

Owner: Emerging Terrain

Series: Stored Potential Two

Additional Information: Grey Matter manifests an effort to restructure the perceptual hierarchy of the biological, behavioral, and infrastructural/material patterns that exhibit our existence. Viewed from afar, a defined depiction of a neuron is the predominant feature of the graphic. Upon closer examination, the delineation of the neuron becomes an indistinct figure amidst a dense ground of mapped vectors. These vectors embody a diversity of both corporeal and metaphysical interactions – be it the biologically scripted behavior of social insect colonies, historical human settlement and transportation patterns, or the nodal recursive branching model of digital communication networks. Within the dense environment of Grey Matter, the “natural” and “synthetic” networks mingle. The two-dimensional graphic was generated by bridging several 3d modeling platforms, involving generative simulation and intuitive topological mesh modification to create an aesthetic stability between chaos and coalescence.

Heritage , 1984

by Herb Mignery


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; Between 12th and 13th streets on Douglas. Directly to the south of the Holland Performing Arts Center.

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: Gift from the Boy Scouts of America-Mid American Council Heritage Patrons to the people of Omaha.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane , 2006

by Crystal Van Epps


Mediums: Metal

Location: Downtown, Metropolitan Community College; 30th and Fort Campus, located to the North of the Art building which is at the intersection of East Road and North Road on campus

Owner: Metropolitain Community College

Jazz Trio , 2005

by Littleton Alston


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown; North 24th Street, Dreamland Plaza

Owner: City of Omaha

Additional Information: The sculpture is located in Dreamland Plaza. Dreamland Plaza is named for a former popular nightspot, the Dreamland Ballroom that housed jazz greats during north Omaha’s jazz heyday.

Kenetic Portrait , 2009

by Paul Konchagulian


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown; 31st & Sheffield Street Omaha, NE (about 1 mile south of I-680 and the Morman Bridge)

Owner: Artist

Additional Information: This is a kinetic sculpture so when the winds blow the head spins around and around.

Large Covered Wagon , 2004

by Tom Otterness


Mediums: Bronze

Location: Downtown, Joslyn; Joslyn Art Museum Sculpture Garden 2200 Dodge St.

Owner: Joslyn Art Museum

Additional Information: Humorous and irreverent, Otterness’ stylized bronze figures combine into sculptural ensembles that explore the range of human experience, from grand ambition to common foibles, plucking imagery and themes from popular culture and subtly transforming them into amusing commentary on modern society. Gift of Willis A. Strauss Family, 2009

Leon's Bridge , 1978

by George Trakas


Mediums: Concrete

Location: Downtown; To the Northeast of the Omaha Opportunities Industrial Center (OOIC) Building 2724 N. 24th St.

Owner: Omaha Opportunities and Industrialization Center

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