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Untitled No. 8 , 2010

by Bahr Vermeer Haecker


Mediums: Steel

Location: Downtown, Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, lower level near the water, Douglas side of the Mall, 14-13th Streets

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Sponsored by BVH Architects, Paxton & Vierling Steel Company and Boyd Jones Construction. The concept for this bench design comes from a desire to combine technology and art. Plate steel is a durable material, and with the process of computer laser-cutting, it can be cut into any shape and inscribed with any pattern or image. Inspired by a simple cardboard box, a single piece of steel is laser cut to the desired shape and then bent into a seat with a backrest. Alone, this seat is not big enough for a single person. However, when copied and displaced several times, the combined pieces become a seating surface for multiple persons. Two sections of the bench are raised to become an armrest and to deter potential skateboarders. The ‘tree’ image began as a desire to create a logo for Gene Leahy Mall. Practically, the cut pattern will allow water to drain from the horizontal surface of the seat. Aesthetically, it will allow sunlight to create unique shadows on the ground, to evoke images of the natural foliage patterning of trees. The design of the pattern was influenced by wood block carving techniques used in printmaking, a process of creating a picture with highlights and shadows by carving out from a flat surface

Vanishing Point , 2010

by Kris Nelson; James Leach; Drew Johnson


Mediums: Steel

Location: Gene Leahy Mall; Gene Leahy Mall, Farnam Street side, lower level near the water, east of 13th Street

Owner: City of Omaha (Parks Recreation)

Series: Take A Seat

Additional Information: Donated by Dave Thomas. Our inspiration was the existing park landforms and elements which use classic, simple geometric forms. We wanted our seating unit to complement these forms, and chose to use the concept of vanishing lines (the convergence of lines as they move towards a point on the horizon) to accommodate a variety of people, from small children to tall adults. We also chose bright orange as the color to complement the yellow and orange palette of existing park elements. We chose to fabricate our bench from formed steel plate, because it is a readily available material which has the ability to create sophisticated, highly sculptural forms through simple fabrication techniques. Our partner used their CNC cutting device to create the base shapes, and formed the flat shapes into three-dimensional objects using a steel brake. The finished piece is naturally sprung, which allows a subtle flex when in use. The tubular form will also interact with light and shadow to create different affects throughout the day. The Waldinger Corporation donated the raw materials, fabrication and transportation.

Vista 17 , 2005

by Jackie Sterba


Mediums: Steel

Location: Hilton | Qwest Center; Qwest Center - smoking terrace

Owner: Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Additional Information: The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts created the Artist-in-Industry Steel Collaboration Project with Valmont Industries and Qwest Center Omaha as a way to bring dynamic contemporary art directly to the public. Forty-one artists submitted proposals to the Bemis Center’s national sculpture competition. This piece was created by Jackie Sterba. The Artist-in-Industry Steel Collaboration Project was made possible by Valmont Industries, who donated resources, materials, studio workspace, access to machinery and fabrication assistance to the sculptors. Most notably, Valmont’s highly-trained technicians Tyler Pearce and Randy Banghart enabled the artists to realize their sculptures at six-times larger than their proposed models, and their expertise enabled the resulting public art to coordinate perfectly with the architecture and atmosphere of Qwest Center Omaha.

WO!ven , 2007

by Mary Zicafoose


Mediums: Steel, Fiberglass

Location: Mid-Town; Memorial Park 6005 Underwood Avenue....located near Dodge Street near pedestrian bridge

Owner: City of Omaha

Series: O! Public Art Project

Additional Information: Purchased by Ted and Lisa Schwab and donated to the City of Omaha. The sculpture is primal and graphic, extremely textural, strong and durable, yet contrastingly delicate and whimsical. “wO!ven” is a strong metaphor for acknowledging process and diversity within the Omaha community. Installation of the O! was a group effort –Omaha Public Power (disconnect power line); Omaha Public Works Department (barricades and street closure); Davis Erection Company (delivered the sculpture and put in place); great crew and the artist provided refreshments.

Yellow Ascending , 1977

by George Sugarman


Mediums: Steel

Location: Joslyn; Near parking lot Joslyn Museum 2200 Dodge St.

Owner: Joslyn Art Museum

Additional Information: George Sugarman is associated with both the revival of large-scale outdoor sculpture in the late 1960s and the decorative movement in the 1970s. Innovative at the time in the use of color in his sculpture, Sugarman showed how color as well as form could define space in an abstract way. Turning his interest to large outdoor sculptures, Sugarman used sheets of steel to create complex metal works, overlapping and welding together flat cutouts to enclose a volume that looked like a leafy arbor or created an open, airy configuration. An outstanding example of Sugarman’s ability to translate his love of movement, color, and structure into a monumental metal sculpture, Yellow Ascending seems to rise weightlessly from the ground, like leaves tossed into the air. The Joslyn museum purchased this piece in honor of Leo A. Daly in 1983.

Zorbus , 1977

by Les Bruning


Mediums: Steel

Location: West; Pacesetter Corporation, 9505 I Street, main entrance

Owner: AmeriFirst Home Improvement Finance

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